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Smith Management domain expertise offers our customers highly effective solutions for today’s businesses. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are passionate and focused to develop a custom turn-key business solution to meet the needs of any size organization. Our experienced staff will support your team at all stages of your project. Our services include consultations with our senior staff, who support our customer’s needs and can recommend a streamlined and cost-effective solution with the following areas:

Smith Management customized operation services are driven towards cultivating viable and successful businesses.

  • Corporate Strategic Analysis (objectives, strengths & weaknesses, assessment of priorities, actors & action plan and implementation)
  • Business Model Development and Analysis
  • Operations Plans to Support a Growth Path
  • Supply Chain Assessment and Optimization
  • Employee and Customer Engagement
  • Profits and Loss (P&L) Management
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Bridging Business Gaps
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Virtual Manager/Director or CEO

Smith Management’s strength lies in our and our partners’ extensive knowledge and experience with developing businesses. We offer our customers:

  • Customized Business Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Product/Services-to-Market Planning and Execution
  • Business Development
  • Growth Planning
  • Vertical Market Expansion Strategy
  • Accounting and Tax
  • Legal Guidance
  • Marketing
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships

With over 100+ projects successfully managed, ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to over 10 million dollars. Smith Management Project Managers and processes are equipped to handle our customer’s needs.

  • Scheduling
  • Staffing Plan
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cost Performance
  • Subcontractor/Vendor Management
  • Open Communication
  • Project Transparency
  • Lessons Learned Metrics
  • Process Improvement, Development and Implementation of a Program Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Suit Your Organization’s Needs and Culture

Smith Management is experienced in assisting foreign businesses with setting up in Canada and establishing a sustainable organization. Our experienced team support and give guidance to our clients from the moment that they plan on entering into the Canadian market through the life of the business. We offer our customers a full turn-key solution, by being their boots on the ground and utilize our expertise to ensure that our clients navigate the set-up process as efficiently as possible. It is our goal at all levels to see our customer’s succeed. In addition to the above, our services include:

  • Turning Innovative Ideas, Concepts and Businesses into a Long Term and Sustainable Canadian Companies
  • Strategy and Business Case for Entering into Canada
  • Establishing the Operations (Programs, Plans and Policies)
  • Guidance with Setting Up and Understanding Human Resources and Payroll Rules
  • Market Evaluation and Strategy
  • Corporate Registration Guidance
  • Identify Office Location and Site Set-Up
  • Identify Strategic Grants and Government Programs
  • Interim Senior Manager

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